Security Arsenal launched on April 24, 2000 based in Dallas Ft worth with staff across the US.  Our focus is information security and security monitoring.  Security Arsenal offers solutions for businesses with 1 to 100,000 employees.  We have added services to enhance our focus on security, and the result is the "Best of Breed" solutions. For example, after being asked to secure poorly configured T-1 routers and other internet gateways, Security Arsenal decided to bring this in-house.  Now, we are able to provide a full turnkey network that can run any business securely.

Our Security Consultants have the latest training to provide the best results.  Also, they are required to obtain a master locksmith certification, alarm work and knowledge of electronic bypass techniques. This requirement is on top of the OSEE, CISSP and other industry standards expected in todays market.  As well as Oracle, MsSQL, MySQL DBA and programming experience in most languages.  We expect our Security Consultants to know all technology and be able to assist in programming, design and security of all systems a company maintains.  This is how to best protect you and even help resolve issues you continue to have.

Committed to finding cost-effective solutions that do not require years for ROI, Security Arsenal is able to provide solutions that even a single person office can afford.  Small businesses are now able to have the same quality security as that available to a Fortune 500 company!

Quick list of services are:  code audits, vulnerability audits, penetration tests, red teaming, and personal protection.

Technology audits, review and penetrations are done on RFID, cellular, satellites, automotive, alarms, and locks. If it should be secure we test it.

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Security Arsenal also has a subsidiary: Concierge Hosting, which provides all hosting, services to us and clients.  With many levels of security and high availability, we provide priority luxury-tier hosting at your request. 

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