Anyone who has ever worked for a company that uses badge readers can tell you a story about how they accidentally left their badge at home one day and how they still managed to get into work.

Do you remember the story from a few years back where an FBI laptop was stolen out of a conference room in a government building?  That was an embarrassing one, wasn't it?

Both of the above scenarios illustrate that in order to truly safeguard your tangible assets you have to address physical security, which is about far more than just locking the doors.  Security Arsenal provides services that thoroughly evaluate the current level of physical security and find the loopholes, problems spots, and weaknesses that make it vulnerable.  After the assessment, we supply thoughtful and effective recommendations to address those risks.

Our CEO particularly enjoys these physical security audits.  If you knew of some of the lengths he went to over the years to gain access, first, you would laugh, then you would cry, and then you would likely never sleep again.  He has never been caught.  Fortunately, he is on YOUR side.  he has climbed trees and buildings.  He has cut through walls.  With time and research, he has been able to do things that were considered impossible.

For example, how many people think that someone will stay out of an area simply because there is a sign on the door that says "EMPLOYEES ONLY"?  Criminals don't follow signs unless it tells them where the good stuff is.

People who violate physical security (good guys AND bad guys) look like normal people and use psychology, social skills, powers of observation, and the ability to invent stories with real names on the fly. They can be stunningly successful. The bad liar or the person that does not belong is not the one you really need to worry about. Truly, only one person who does not follow policy is enough to cause major problems.

Do not allow your office to be ripped off or worse, your employees injured or killed.  Allow Security Arsenal with a Physical Security Audit and/or Security Training to mitigate.  Our methodology is foolproof and we customize the demonstrations to train and test your employees.  It is designed to be fun and they will remember the class because it teaches them how much of a difference one person can make to keep a company and co-workers safe.

Security Arsenal Physical Audits are conducted by security consultants that a Master Locksmith Certification, construction, and electrical experience.  This gives them the skills and knowledge to determine how they can get in and then prevent others from doing the same.  Do you want to make sure you don't merely have a false sense of security? 

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