Security Arsenal provides Managed Security Services for a very reasonable fee.

Our products – both hardware and software – have been developed to be the best on the market. They allow us to do our job much more efficiently and this means lower cost to the customer and greater accuracy in the services provided.

One hour a month of a Security Engineer’s time is included in most agreements. This is usually enough for small-sized companies (less than 50 computer users) because most tasks are automated and require minimal human intervention. Mid-sized companies rarely need more than 2 or 3 hours per month. If the customer uses there allotted time and requires more they are notified, and additional service is billed in 15-minute increments at the rate set forth in the customer contract. 

Security Arsenal can also provide Managed Security Services to companies that are not using our products. How well and efficiently this might work is dependent on how user-friendly and customizable the products are.  Security Arsenal products tend to be more so than most. With either your products or ours we promise the same professional, thorough, and meticulous service no matter what your infrastructure may be.

Services included are:

24X7 monitoring with client notification via phone (included without time limit) Early warning notification of upcoming security risks (included without limit) Certified Security Engineers to monitor and review malicious/suspicious traffic and respond appropriately to mitigate security risks Modification and creation of custom rules and signatures required to monitor network traffic Modification of firewall rules to allow or prevent traffic based on security risks Response from SOC (Security Operations Center) to ISP or other offending networks to prevent or end active attacks that could impact network uptime due to loss of bandwidth (e.g. denial-of-service, worms) Update and maintain appliance code Update and maintain signature rules Creation of custom signature rules Notification of system outages - all servers behind our devices are monitored, logged, and tracked for uptime Reports upon request (one report included per month) Please contact Security Arsenal at 972-999-9900 for more information.

You can always email to open a ticket.

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