Passwords, Anyone?

Password security?  Is this a strange question?  By their very nature, aren't passwords secure?  Not exactly.  Over time passwords have become more and more elaborate so that they are secure.  First case sensitive did the trick.  Then you had to have a minimum number of characters.  Next, there were numbers.  The special characters were required.  Now passwords require all of the above.  Unfortunately, with the CPU and RAM power available today no password is secure anymore, even those with mixed cases, numbers, special characters and thirteen digits.

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Penetration Testing


Let us find your issues before the hackers do!

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How secure is your Lock?

It is amazing that in many cases a company has invested huge sums of money into their network security and at the same time they fail to adequately secure their doors.  We have visited and audited sites that have easily picked locks, bypass motion sensor released door systems, and door hinges on the outside.

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